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[and so it continues...]
A friend remarked thusly when I showed him this...
"academia constantly claims they've discovered some important advance (that can often be found on Page 1 of the gita or other ancient source). then debate it a few years in a byzantine ritual birddance to stake their claim in the literature. jump up & down about miniscule studies claiming something has brought us an exciting step forward to 'legitimize it with science' but many, many more studies are needed until we know for sure ;-)

meanwhile, i'm sticking to yoga. it's 1% theory and 99% practice.
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[Continued from here]
Money is a very accurate measure, the more zeroes the merrier.

Alternate lifestyles too have measures. The most popular of alternate lifestyles - the pious life, has a long documented history of keeping count.

St. Francis Xavier found his measure by converting more heathens to the faith than any one ever before. The warriors and kings of the crusades kept their count using decapitated heathen heads.

Can a lifestyle that does not keep count succeed?
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Richer isn't happier - so say some. I believe it on some days, and suspect its wisdom on other days. The problem with believing that money isn't everything is that you now have to evolve an alternate measure of success. It's almost like humans need to measure their lives at all times - they need to know if their head is above water, else they lose the will to fight and drown.


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