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The company visitor's guide told me that the Swiss are very healthy and ecologically aware. They don't rent cars or taxis, preferring instead to take a train or tram. I decided to act like the Swiss when in Switzerland and got onto a train at the Airport with my luggage, and dragged it somewhat uncomfortably the rest of the way from the train station to my destination. The journey was more complex than usual because I was navigating a strange public transport system with signs in German. My feeble grasp of German picked up from classes at Goethe Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan many years ago was finally coming in handy.

I must admit it's not the easiest lifestyle option to use public transport, but you know, maybe that's what is needed to conserve the earth. then I chat with the guard at the office and I tell him how I found my way from the train station and he is quite curiously attentive. The reason became clear when he explained that he always drove his car and hadn't ever taken the train to work. In fact he urged me to take a taxi as long as I was here. A few minutes later I was in a taxi heeding the advice of the local, and I saw a stretch limo.

And so I learn, so much for stero-types...
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